Ann Arbor Community Center
The Ann Arbor Community Center Ann Arbor Community Center is a catalyst for transformation within the city and its greater community. With a primary focus on youth, adults and families, the Ann Arbor Community Center provides programs and services that promote self-reliance, social and economic well-being, diversity and community involvement. Through the years, the AACC has appreciated support from the City of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw United Way, Washtenaw County, other area organizations and thousands of individuals and families.

Bill Crispin Chevrolet will be donating for every vehicle sold through Nov 1st, 2010- January 3rd, 2011 to the Ann Arbor Community Centers "adopt a family for the Holidays Program. Adopting families for the holidays so that they can enjoy the Holiday season like everyone else has been a long-standing tradition at Bill Crispin Chevrolet as well as our partnership with the Ann Arbor Community Center.

Canine's Of Hope
A Night To Remember...
Bill Crispin Chevrolet presented the Saline Area Youth Baseball teams with equipment kits complete with equipment bags, baseball buckets, dugout managers, and Chevy Youth Baseball t-shirts.

Bill Crispin also sponsored their own Saline Youth Baseball team. On May 4th, Bill Crispin Chevrolet took their team and parents to the Tigers vs. Yankees game. It was a chance to show the team where their hard work could take them, and everyone had a great time! Jim Leyland even took time out to come say hi to the team!  As is the evening couldn't get any better, the Tigers had a shutout win against the Yankees!

Bill Crispin Chevrolet is proud to sponsor Saline Area Youth Baseball and Softball. On May 5th 2012 we took our team to the Tigers vs. White Socks game. Unfortunately the Tigers didn't win, but our team went onto the Tigers field in front of the huge crowd. One of our lucky players got to "steal" 2nd base and take it home with him! What a great day for us all! We are so proud of our kids/team we sponsored this year! They ended the season in first place, and won the whole tournament. Keep it up; you're on your way to playing on that big field in the MLB. Great job guys!!!
Education Project For Homeless Youth, Washtenaw Intermediate School District
Bill Crispin Chevrolet participated in gathering and donating school supplies to The Education Project.

The Education Project serves children and youth who lack a fixed, adequate, regular night-time residence. We primarily serve school-age youth with a special focus on teens living without a parent or guardian, but services are also available to children ages 0-5 and youth ages 18 and older who do not yet have a high school diploma or GED.
Diabetic Alert Dog For Trace
Bill Crispin Chevrolet has taken part in donating to Trace. He is in need of a Diabetic alert dog to keep him safe.
"There is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes, no answer as to why Trace has type 1 diabetes, why his blood sugar spikes high, or drops dangerously low randomly. A diabetic alert dog will alert us when Traces blood sugar is above, or below a "good range" in order to avoid dangerous situations. One specific night pushed us to start getting serious about the diabetic alert dog. Trace was asleep and at 11:50PM was screaming and hyperventilating. I ran into his room to help soothe him, and as I scooped him up, noticed his entire body was shaking uncontrollably, almost like he was having a seizure, but he wasn't. Trace was experiencing extreme hypoglycemia."
Camaro McDonald Charity
Eastern Michigan Camaro Club, sponsored by Bill Crispin Chevrolet Saline, MI presented a check to Ronald McDonald House for $3650 on Monday, Aug 22, 2011 6pm at Bill Crispin Chevrolet. This donation was raised at the 20th annual all Camaro event - Camaro Superfest. CAMARO SUPERFEST is hosted by EMCC every summer.

This year 309 Camaros from 12 states/Canada attended. Spectator admissions, raffles and silent auctions were used to raise the $3650. A different charity is chosen each year. RMcDH was chosen in honor of Doug Warren, a great friend and President/Founder of the Western Michigan Camaro Club in Grand Rapids, who passed away before Christmas.Presenting the check (L to R) - Barry Hensel, EMCC VP and CSF show chairman; Randy Martin, EMCC President; Shannon Novara, RMcDH representative; Bill Crispin, owner Bill Crispin Chevrolet and Ronald McDonald. All others in photo are EMCC members. If you would like to become a member of one of the largest Camaro Clubs in the USA, visit
Passport 2 Pittsfield Open House
If you're interested in learning about your local Pittsfield Charter Township, Bill Crispin Chevrolet is here to help with our annual Passport 2 Pittsfield Open House.

This event lets you travel through the Township on an AAATA shuttle and stop at each of the Township buildings, including the Township Hall, the Public Safety building, the Utilities Field Office, and the Parks and Recreation building. At each stop, you can collect Passport stamps and goodies, participate in activities, and find out how your local government is working to help improve the lives of everyone in our community. Activities will include a Kids Vote 2019, a P2P Passport Photo Booth, a community sponsor raffle, and interactive bee activities. You'll have the opportunity to make crafts, take photos in the market booth selfie station, climb into firetrucks and police cars, and get your picture taken with local firefighters and police officers. You can also have outdoor fun in the park and check out the vehicles and equipment at the Utilities Field Office. The shuttle ride and all the activities are free with your P2P passport.

Don't miss this event, which promises to be fun for the whole family. It's happening Sunday, May 5th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, and you can begin your shuttle ride at the Township Hall, the Public Safety building, the Utilities Field Office, or the Parks and Recreation Office in Ann Arbor, MI. Join Bill Crispin Chevrolet and learn about your local government.
Paws With A Cause
Paws With A Cause® trains Assistance Dogs nationally for people with disabilities and provides lifetime team support which encourages independence. PAWS® promotes awareness through education. Paws with a Cause's Vision is to encourage independence for people with disabilities by sustaining and strengthening their position as the nation's leading provider of quality Assistance Dogs.Bill Crispin Chevrolet will be making a donation to assist a local Washtenaw county recipient in obtaining a specially trained PAWS dog. Once the applicant has the funds that are needed, a dog is selected to be trained for the recipient s needs. A dog's training at the National Headquarters averages between 4-6 months. After training is completed, the dog is placed in the client's home, where they will work together with a PAWS field representative for an additional 3-8 months. PAWS provides lifetime team support for each individual and their dog.