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Meet the Bill Crispin Chevrolet Staff

New- 7112 E Michigan Ave Saline, MI - Pre Owned 6947 E Michigan Ave Saline, MI

Sales: (877) 851-6184 - Service: (888) 565-2186

We here at Bill Crispin Chevrolet feel it is always nice to put a face to a name.   So here are our faces and names and we hope to see yours soon.  If you have a question for any of us, please call (877) 851-6184 or email and we will be more then happy to answer your questions

  • Dealership Contacts (877) 851-6184
    • Bill  Crispin Photo
      Bill  Crispin
    • Vice President
      Debbie  Crispin
      Vice President

    • Rose  Richards Photo
      Rose  Richards
      Operations Manager
    • David  Romain Photo
      David  Romain
    • General Sales Manager
      Jim  Freemon
      General Sales Manager

    • General Sales Manager
      Kim  Eberhard
      General Sales Manager

    • Sales Manager/New & Pre Owned Sales Consultant GM Certified
      Dick  Malinczak
      Sales Manager/New & Pre Owned Sales Consultant GM Certified

      New & Pre Owned Sales Consultant GM Certified

    • Summer Hazimi Photo
      Summer Hazimi
      Business Manager
    • Shirley  Cofield Photo
      Shirley  Cofield
      Business Manger
    • Travis DuPont Photo
      Travis DuPont
      Business Manager
    • Scott Schmidt Photo
      Scott Schmidt
      Pre Owned Sales Manager
  • New (877) 851-6184
    • Jessica Balowski Photo
      Jessica Balowski
      Internet Manager
    • Sales Consultant
      Phil  Miller
      Sales Consultant

    • Sales Consultant
      Mike  Herman
      Sales Consultant

      GM Certified and Truck Specialist

    • Sales Consultant
      Tom  Saxton
      Sales Consultant

    • Will Theisen Photo
      Will Theisen
      Accessory Coordinator
    • Jim  Hilton Photo
      Jim  Hilton
      Sales Consultant
    • Kevin Kelsey Photo
      Kevin Kelsey
      Sales Consultant
    • Barb Kruszewski Photo
      Barb Kruszewski
      Internet Department
    • Meghan Briggs Photo
      Meghan Briggs
      Sales Consultant
  • Used (877) 851-6184
    • Jon Martin Photo
      Jon Martin
      Sales Consultant
    • Louis Freese Photo
      Louis Freese
      Sales Consultant
    • Greg  Stripp Photo
      Greg  Stripp
      Sales Consultant
    • Karen Reynolds Photo
      Karen Reynolds
      Sales Consultant
    • James Hickok Photo
      James Hickok
      Sales Consultant
    • Teresa Tomasi Photo
      Teresa Tomasi
      Sales Consultant
    • Steve Bloxam Photo
      Steve Bloxam
      Sales Consultant
  • Service (888) 565-2186
    • Service Manager
      John  Drus
      Service Manager

    • Service  Technicians Photo
      Service  Technicians
      Our Friendly Technicians
    • Eric Gajda Photo
      Eric Gajda
      Service Consultant
    • Jeff Craft Photo
      Jeff Craft
      Service Consultant
    • Shelly  Horstman Photo
      Shelly  Horstman
      Service Consultant
    • Dominique  Wright Photo
      Dominique  Wright
      Service Coordinator
    • Matt McNeil Photo
      Matt McNeil
      Service Consultant
  • Parts (877) 851-6184
    • Our Friendly Parts Team
      Parts Team
      Our Friendly Parts Team

      Gregg Zeller - Part Counter Assistant Rob Connors - Assistant Parts Manager Ken Diuble - Parts Manager